Melissa Burgess Paintings ~ Architectural paintings, portraits, and commissions

About the Artist

I have always been attracted to the juxtaposition of space and built structure.
They define and depend on each other in order to exist, yet contradict. I watch and paint the evolution between these two. When left alone, they settle into a compromised equation, with the balance tilting ever so slightly towards nature.

I have been painting my neighborhoods and their surroundings for 30 years. Often it is a race against time to capture the older buildings before they are razed or gentrified. I want to capture a bit of the past in the present; such as how old lead paint glows yellow in the sun, how things were previously built, and what people planted way back when that still survive in a tangle of abandoned weeds.  Old space is familiar to me in a way that defies description and on more than just a visual level. I am compelled to examine it, and capture it, as a fragment of the neighborhood.   

—M. Burgess